Saturday, May 14, 2016

Travelling on fleek

 Hello beauties, with summer comming most people are preparing their new vacation plan. Well i got your back covers with this article because i'll give you my favs tips and tricks to travel in fashion and simplicity.

We all know how much traveling can be uncorfortable, you change position at least a hundred time in your seat. We can't all afford first class place and since we are all packed up we don't want to feel unconfortable in our clothes. I know there might be tons of blogs talking about this but i will try to give you my best advice and I will show you some cute outfit you can wear in a plane and move freelee in. I was thinking of plane writing this, i don't know why planes, maybe it's because i want to be on vacation in somewhere tropical like Fiji's Quebec can be so cold. But these tips totally works if you are more of a train or boat gal. I would not recommend any of these if you are a motorcycle chick... you would look Fierce don't get me wrong.. but non of these would actually be practical nor safe so just don't even try it.

The best place to look for is of course Pinterest, you just write in the search bar what you are looking for and Bam tons of ideas right there in front of you.

First tip : Wear something flowy and loose. The things i love the most wearing are maxi dress or maxi skirt because you are so free, and its so lightweight but its still covering enough because if you have ever travel in a place you know how cold it can be. In fact, anything that is long, like Palazo pants and they are super cute. Leggings or yoga pants can actually be really confy, but personally i hate having to always pull them up everytime i stand because I was sit for a long time.
Second tip : Bring something warm. It could be a jacket or a cape, Right now i really love my capes they are like a blanket so since airplanes are so clod i know i will be confortable and i won't have to buy a 20$ paperthin blanket in the plane. Also, a good cardigan, or any outerwear can be super cute over a maxi dress and it's easy to throw on. Don't forget, Layer, layer, layer, it's your best friend. You will experience such drastic change in temperature you need to be prepared.

Third : Use a big handbag. Since you can bring 1 hand luggage with you and your handbag, the bigger it is, the better. You can put so much stuff in it, never underestimate the carrying possibility of a handbag. Sometimes i feel like i could hide an elephant in there. Go for a handbag that have compartments in it, because upi don't wanna pass all your flight searching for your headphones or your phone TBH!

Fourth : DON'T WEAR HEELS, seriously though, wear good shoes. From simple flats to runningshoes just don't wear heels at all. You'll thank me later 
Fifth and last : Don't wear perfume, this is not about fashion but it is about respecting the other passenger, some are more sensible to sents, and perfume can easily triggers headache for exemple. I guess you wanna smell nice, we all to to be honest, i would recommand wearing freshly washed clothes and maybe a body lotion that has a little bit of perfume in it, but dont go full Ham on the bottle because it can be really irritating for the other passenger next to you.

I drew a little summer maxi dress for you to give you exemple of what to wear on a plain or anywear else really. It's really simple and colourfull and it really shows my aesthetic as a designer and that's whats important. The little crossdetailings are actually see-through like lace and the rest i imagined it being in chiffon or something really flowy and summery.

Quick tips for hair and makeup :

Avoid anything too heavy on makeup, try a teinted BB or CC cream with SPF in it and some concealer. A touch of mascara is alway a must, and a little bit of liner. This will be very easy and you will not looked too caky.

try a side braid or a cute lose and high poneytail. Avoid any tight hairstyle because it can hurt after a while. Also anything that might be in your way if you try to take a nap and your head is against the seat. Having a High or sided hairdo will help you be more confortable when you are seated. 

Luggage problem? 

Having problem with packing, too much clothes for the space in your suitcase? Try these little tricks.

1. Put shoes and heaving object in the bottom, try rolling up socks, undies and anything small in balls and fill in your shoes, you'll safe so much place and keep your shoes in shape.

2. Try filling any gaps with small items and if you can roll any clothes like tanktops or scarves go for it, by rolling them you also avoid wrinkles. 

3. Instead of rolling your belts for exemple, try slipping them on the side of your case. 

Rolling your clothes saves you space and time since you will not have to iron them when you take them out.

Last tip
: If you have any items that have a tendency to wrinkel put them on a hanger and hang them in your shower. The steam from the hot water will act as a Iron. 

Thank you so so much for reading me and following me through this journey and i'll see you next time,

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  1. Great tips hun. Travelling in my converse sneakers was so much easier.x