Sunday, November 13, 2016

Flavor of the month

After some hours and hours of research, because everybody knows I don't know any shops online ! I decided to make a top 10 of my discovery of the month.

1. Thereformation

A LA brand that manufactures an design their own clothes. They are ethical, ecofriendly and they use sustainable methods and material. If you are looking for a holiday dress that will WoW them all well you will find what you are looking for on this website.


Rhinestone Drop Choker'Carbon' Multi Glitter SandalsBlack Glitter Spot Bodycon Dress


Wine Purple Off The Shoulder Tuxedo Style JumpsuitBlack Asymmetric Cold Shoulder Satin Lapel Playsuit


monki ( only ships in europe for now ) 


Life of Luxury Satin Romper PinkEnchanted Tales Romper Blush



Talia Glitter Lips and Hearts Mesh Ankle Boots in SilverAmalia Perspex Strap Faux Fur Heel Platforms in Multi Glitter

house of Cb

if you ever wanted that kylie Jenner look, this is the place! 

House Of CB @houseofcb The Charna cut ou...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram): The Martinique dress is stunning.


Bohemian jewellery

Silver Wave RingMermaid White Opal Ring

this one is not a new discovery for me because i've seen this brand a lot on dollskill and modclothe but if you love fancy shoes take a look at this brand and fall in love with their irregular choices 

Lazy RiverLovingly GazingLost Your Muchness


Thursday, October 13, 2016

24 is the new 18

Hey guys, it's been a while. 

I can't really go through everythig that happened to explained why i wasn't there in the last couple of months. Lets just say karma wasn't on my side and I had a couple problem to deal with. But i'm finally starting to see the lighter side of the ocean. You know when your drowning and you dont know if you're swimming towards certain death or towards the surface. Well I think i'm finally seing the surface now and i'm swimming as fast as I can to reach it. 

Well enough of that, let's talk about the real reason why i'm writing today. It's my birthdaY! Well, it was, yesterday to be fair. And you know what i'm 24 I don't know what i'm doing with my life and... IT'S OK! I see all these people online with kids and houses, being married and happy at 22-23-24... and i'm here playing video games trying to work as much as I can to make some money and it's fine. I remember when i was 16 I thought I would have my career by now, that I would have a boyfriend and would be thinking about kids and getting married. And ohhhhh god was I wrong. I'm still so young and so naïve. I don't know how to adult yet, seriously why is it so hard to be an adult i wanna go out and have fun. Right now i decided it was time for me to stop chasing after boys, stop stalking tinder or whatever. I don't need anyone to make me happy, i need my friend and thats it. This year is the year where I take care of myself. I started dancing again which is awesome it makes me so happy after 5 years of doing jackshit i'm finally moving again. I purchased new strings for my guitar so I can make music again which is another passion I had give up on with an ex. Also i'm starting some groupe therapy for my borderline desorder i'm finally gonna work on that part of me too. And most of all I don't care about what others think of me anymore. I don't want kids for now, I don't want a boyfriend for now, i don't need this. I'm 24 and I live my 18th years again. I wanna be free, i wanna have fun and mostly I wanna be myself. 

Moral of the story : don't ever let anyone tell you you're too old to be yourself and you should start thinking about getting married and finding someone or something. Don't let anyone tell you what to do with your life. If you dont want kids thats fine, if you wanna live forever young thats also fine... just do you boos!

I love you all so much and i'll see you soon 


I even got the time to draw a mini collection just before my relapse, hope you guys like it 


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Being a mermaid

Even if I live in a bipolar climate and I don’t have any real beach near. And most of the time i miss the ocean, I’m born in the wrong place of the globe guys. When I say bipolare weather i’m not even slightly exagerating things. For exemple last week it we were feeling 42 celcius, and this week it’s like 10c. In the winter we live between -20 and -30 celcius. So you as you may have already guessed, i’m a summer girl. I hate winter, I hate snow, i hate the cold. I know deep down in my heart i’m a mermaid. I love water, i love the sea, I’ve talked a lot about it with some friends and family and when i’ll die I want my ashes to be thrown in the ocean. I remember a quote from one of my favorite movie, when Frosty (gerard butler) said :« We all come from the sea, but we are not all of the sea. Those of us who are, we children of the tides, must return to it again and again, until the day we don’t come back, leaving only that which was touched along the way.»

Only a couple of days before I leave for wildwood. I love this place and since i’m going with my sister and mother I know it will be fun. So when you go to the beach you need to bring some essential with you. And I’m talking about an entire daya t the beach not only a walk on the beach because you live there. This is for those of us that goes to the beach once or twice a year and try to make the most of it when we go. 

1. Bring a large tote to hold everything you will bring because, let’s be real, you will need a LOT of stuff and will probably need more than 1 bag.

 cute anchor tote   50$                                cute blue tote 15$

DEI Women's Tropical Beach Tote Handbag

2. Bring a Hat, yeah it’s a fashion statement but more than that, it will protect your scalp

Female Summer Sunshade Large Wide Floppy Brim Straw Beach Hats

You can get this hat in any possible color right here

3. Sunglasses, we all know how beautiful the beach is , and watching the waves crash in the horizon, but its even more beautiful when you’re not squinting your eyes. Protect your eyes from the UVrays and you can find some super cute sunglasses under 20$

here are some really cute treasur i've found :

get them here

Image 1 of 7X Cat Eye Sunglasses
get them here 

4. Phone equipment, it can be a extra battery, a selfie stick or a water resistant pouch. Bring anything you need to keep your phone safe and usefull.

5. Books and magazine : Yes beach is fun and playfull but sometimes we just want to relax to the sound of the tides and read a good book. Right now i’m ready 4 things at the same time depending on my mood  

The first book is called : A brief history of time from stephen Hawkins. I’ve been wanting to read his book for a while now and can’t wait to finish it on the beach. What best way to read about physic than on the beach  right?


 The second one is called a series called L’orphéon the one i’m readng at the moment is called Coït. This serieus is awesome because all 5 books are written by different auters and the story takes place in a building, each book is a different floor of the building. Sadly it’s only available in French because they are all auters from Quebec. 


The Third one is called What If:Serious scientific answer to hypothetical question. This book is awesome so if you ever wonders what would happened if you pitch a baseball at 90% of lightspeed what would happen well the answer is in this book. 


Lastly we have Sailor Moon. I loved this anime when i was a kid and now i’m falling back in love with the manga.

6. Sunscreen and lipbalm with SPF :  well the word speeks wor itself.  You will need sunscrean protect your skin guys .

7. Leave in conditioner : your hair will be dry so at least protect them a bit before. 

8. Beach spikes : amazing idea to keep your drink sandfree.

Monogramme plage Spike/monogramme boisson titulaire/plage attaquant/plage pointe boisson titulaire/monogramme boisson titulaire/monogramme plage attaquant
get them here 

9. Towels and beach blanket : you can lay on the sand and take a sun bath but at least do it on a big towel so you dont have all the sand stuck in your swimwear. You can find tons of cute and fun blacket on the web. 

get it here 
 or here

10. Water reusable bottle. Please for environmental sakes dont  buy bottled water, bring a ureusable plastic one or aluminum one and refill it. You can have some really cute ones and you can chose some that you can also put fruits in to make your water tastier.

11. Beach chair, it's for your confort, so your BumBum isn't full of sand.

12. Beach Umbrella : when its getting to hot and the sun is too strong and you want a little shade, or if you want to keep your drink and snaks cold.

13. Snacks : chips, sandwiches, cookies, nuts, vegetable, fruits, granola bars.

14. Cooler : to keep your food and drinks chill.

15. Beach toys and games : base ball, football, way

here are some cute coverups i drew not so long ago.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post about beach essentials and travel safe , we'll see each other in the next article. Thank you so much for following me and i'll see ya'll later byebye xoxox

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