Monday, May 2, 2016

Satin dream

Hello beauties, 

This is one of my latest drawing, I'm not putting them in order i'm really going with what i feel at the moment and i was feeling like posting a gown. 

I'm still wondering how to draw texture and stuff and I don't have proper Art material so i'm only using wood pencils. Let me explain where i was going with that design. I wanted a long satin gown in dark grey with a red inside. I still don't know if i want it to be reversible or not, even though it could be awesome. I was thinking about using chains instead of straps also and a high slit on the side to add a bit of UMFF*. 

I feel like it's so simple and not original at all but i reallu love this dress maybe the fact that the inside actually another colour gives it a bit of an edge. 

tell me what you guys think about this dress and if you like them maybe, who knows, i'll make a real version of it. 

Stay tuned for my next design I might post it tomorrow. 

Thank you so much for dealing with me and hope you will stay. This is my first blog i'm really trying to dedicate myself on it so if you have any tips and tricks pls tell me. 


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