Sunday, May 1, 2016

Summerish Beauty

Hello fellow human (we never know with tumblr nowaday I don't wanna offend anyone okk)

Hello friend welcome to my room, well my beauty room, well my page but lets imagine we are in a beauty room for a moment. Since we're at it lets make this place magical our little nest. #glamping

not so long ago i was watching Kathleen lights which is one of my FAV youtuber ever. I'm seriously a Fan. Well she did a super natural look with a metalic waterline and it was soooo beautiful i couldn't help myself. I grabbed all my makeup (well not all but you guys know what I mean) and I started painting my face like crazy. 

So I started with the base, primers I use 2 at the moment i have the Porefessional by benefit and a Laura Mercier one I got from a friend. After that it was foundation time, I'm using my new Make up forever ultra HD and same with counceler.  I did a little bit of contour with my NYX palette and used a old sephora blush. 

For the eyes, THE EYES GUYS, it was so easy. I just used a pale brown in the crease and a shimmery beige on the lids and of course LOTS and LOTS of mascara we want our lashes to the roof. For the bottom lashe line I used a NYX jumbo pencil in a reddish metallic and with a small pencill brush just added My new urban decay in Fireball for extra shimmer! 

Thats about it, I just added my highlighter and a lipgloss and I was was good to go.

I was so in love with this look that for the first time in my life i Though : "hey maybe i should start a youtube channel!" and then it took me 3 hours to get a picture right. Well now here it is. This look is so simple and versatile you can easily change it to any color you like and still look fierce. 

Let me know if you tried it and if you want more and i'll talk to you guys next time. 



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