Sunday, January 8, 2017

Underground / Underated Makeup brand

We all know the big makeup brand the one solds in Ulta and Sephoras, but sometimes you can find the best gems online! Either from indie brand on etsy and instagram or also by looking at your favorite youtubers. Here is a list of my favorites and theres a ton more. 

1. Naked cosmetics

Nothing to do with the naked palette we all know, Naked cosmetic is specialized in pigments and make some of the best lose pigments ever,

You get 1,5mg per jar and a little goes a long way.

Pigments retails for about 15$ but you might never go through a full jar except if you're a makeup artist. The pigments can be use either for the eyes, eyeliner, lips, and even hair highlights.  

2. Corvus Beauty

Another brand specialised in pigment, the difference that Corvus offeres you is you can chose between sample size , small size and full size pigments for every colors depending on your needs. You have a full range of color choices and even get some highlights pigments and blushes. 

3. LAsplash

This is for all my liquid lipstick babe, The neutral, the bold and the glamorous girls that like rich and sexy colors. These are some of the best Liquid lipstics and have all the colors you can imagine.

Obviously they don't only have Lipstick they have a full range collection of eyeshadows, lipglosses, glitters, brush, and even nail polish. For a verry affordable price also.

4. SUVA cosmetics

They have excellent eyeshadow, either palettes or singles to put in your Zpalettes, But what they are really the best at is the liners, The liners are water activated paint, and a little goes a long way also. So just saying but the Hydra liner are the best thing ever, especially if you are into bold liners and really artsy looks.  Some of the colors are also black light reactive so if you wanna glow in the dark its perfect.

Both the individual shadows and the hydra liners retails for 11$ 

5. Colourpop ( not so popular in quebec )

OMG COLOUR POP, what can i say, i'm in love with this brand. They are made in LA and it's all cruelty free, some shades are vegan also. Everything retails between 5 and 7$ US which is so affordable and they release new stuff every couple weeks. Every youtuber Hype their products with reason and they often do some collaboration with them.

By the way the best way to apply the shadows is with your fingers so don't try it with brushes you might not get the result you want. Also if you wanna use a fluffy brush for the crease use a synthetic brush it works the best.

6. Saucebox

They don't have many color choices yet but their shadows are amazing and really pigmented. they retail for 9$ US

7. Zoeva

You might have heard that name before, either on youtube or instagram, they are highly known for their makeup brushes, but they also make some really good eyeshadow pallettes. 

8. JDGlow

I first heard that name on facebook, then i started doing my own research and decided to give it a try. They make awesome glitters and shadows, saddly this brand is still verry small so everything is sold out quickly but if you get the chance to buy some take it.

9. Coloured Raine ( lipstick ) 

Similar to LA Splash they are also reknown for their liquid lipstick. From bright metallic blues to neutral mauve you get it all. 

10. Sugarpill

They are a LA Based cosmetic brand also cruelty free with some vegan products. The colours are really vibrand and rich. Even the lipstick packaging is in a pill form, i mean how cute is that !
11. ABoni Cosmetic

You guessed it, another liquid lipstick brand. It's so popular so of course there was gonna be a couple in here 

12. MELT cosmetic

I know they release some new lipstick lately but what I really like about them is their eyeshadow stacks, they are amazing, pigmented, and the colors are insane. 

13. Juvia's place

they only have 3 palettes up at the moment but they are amazing, and the pans are HUGE sio you'll never run out of any!

14. Cozette

I first heard about them by Nikkie Tutorial on youtube and now i wanna buy all of their product. The reds are amazings, and its so hard to get good reds same thing for the purples. You buy the pans separetly.

15. MUG (MakeUp Geek)

She started of as a youtuber and now she owns a cosmetic line but she has the best shadows out there you can have duo-chromes, metalics they are all awesome. Make sure you get a Z palette though because you can only buy them in pans.

16. Beauty Bakerie

Such a cute brand, even the liquid lipstick looks like bakerie. Water-proof liquid lipstick and smudge proof.


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