Thursday, July 7, 2016

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Being a girl in the gaming community
Well it’s true that most girls play games, almost 52% of the gamer community are girls but thats if we define gaming by someone who plays any kind of video games. 

To be honest, and please don’t throw rocks at me for saying this, I dont consider playing flappy bird or candy crush as Gaming. I know some of us play casual games like Kim Kardashian : hollywood, and yes i love it. But i would never consider myself a hardcore gamer if that was the only game I played. Yes those are still games, but I don’t consider gamer anyone that only plays cellphone social games.

For as long as I can remember I have been playing video games with my sister, she's 3 years younger than me, and I remember playing on my dads old playstation 1 with jailbroken CD with games like TEKKEN or Tomb Raider. I wanted to be her, i was going full tomb raider on the play ground as a kid, or I would play with fake guns at my friends house. I would try to recreate Chung li's move IRL. Thats when i knew games would make a huge impact on my life.

Later we had our own games like DDR, burnout, GTA, NHL and more. We were under fifhteen but we were hardcore gamers even if most girls were playing with makeup and talking about boys. My sister was playing sports and was gaming gaming, myself well, I was drawing clothes and gaming. Our parents were kind of bored seeing us play for hours, never leaving our eyes off the screen, playing guitar heros thinking we were rocktars even though we had our real guitars standing in the corner of the room. But we wanted to beat that song, we wanted to pass that level. And thats when one of us was not already on the computer playing The Sims. We knew all the cheat codes, we downloaded all the clothes and objects we could just to create the most awesome house. We had our own way of killing our sims, yeah don’t try to hide , we all become sociopath when we play The Sims. And when i didn't want to cheat for money but still wanted to be rich well i used the good old technique, I'm probably not the only one who had a cave troll painting all day and all night. Just so my sims could sell because we wanted to be rich. We all have our ways. We also all know how hard it is to keep more than five sims alive without cheating.

Our parents thought that travelling would distance us from technology. But oh god were they wrong! We had our PSPs, our gameboys advance and I wonder which other i forget about but I know we had more. I was playing Playing metroid and Holy Molly  was I surprised to see Samus was actually a Girl.

At 17 i bought my first xbox, one of my friend sold it to me for a hundred bucks and I bought my first shooter. Call of duty Blackops 1, I didn’t have xbox live yet but i played the hell out of that campain. Not so long after that MW3 got released. Don't worry about that I was standing by the store an hour before the opening just to get my hand on a copy of it. That’s when I started playing live, and that’s when I understood the meaning of the memes about pausing online game. How many time was I caught saying «I CAN’T PRESS PAUSE MOM». I could play cod for 10 hours straight, if only i wasn’t raging that much, my roomate could hear me scream « f**king campers »,«Oh yeah right use that nuub tube» and the forever young « stupid f**king shotguns».  Some of my class mate knew i was gaming, and one of them showed me world of warcraft, i started playing on a private server and I even forgot to go to school, or eat during 2 days. I was so into it I couldn’t leave my chair. I’ve been playing these games  for a couple years then I started playing league of legend a year or so after the BETA was released. That game is everything to me now. I still play WoW, and COD but league is Bae. Istarted streaming about 3 years ago because some of my guy friend thought i was funny, good and pretty and they said i would make good money out of it, I stoped some months after because i was tired of being compared to Kaceytron of any other twitch girls that are fake. Now i’ve been playing for myself only I don’t really like streaming anymore because there’s just too much girl and its more of a competition between who’s the prettiest/ funniest and/or dumbest so we can laugh at her, and i’m not part of that crowd. I’ve had people saying I wasn’t smiling enough or that I wasn’t reading the chat enough… but it’s hard to be compared to the guys that are actually good gamers when tons of girl fake being good. So you either have to be a guy, or a pretty girl to be famous on twitch and that disgusted me. I prefere being a smart girl about it put my feminist pants on and play for fun and not for famousness. Outside of the stream world we have the cosplay world , where for one day I can actually transform into my favorite character and really be the hero. But cosplaying would be for another post if you want me to. 

The first thing I hate about being a girl in the gaming community are the guys that treat you differently because of your sex. Some will treat you good just because you’re a girl others will treat you like sh**t because you steal what’s theirs and still think that gaming is for boys and girl should stay in the kitchen.  Some will harras you, ask for picture of your breasts, ask if you have a boyfriend or just not believe you. The best kind of people are the ones that don’t care what sex you are, they will treat the same either way. You’re just one of the boys to them. Most of the time I refuse to say if i’m a girl or a guy online they mostly notice only when i’m on skype and sometimes they just think i’m a 12 year old boy.

Second thing I hate is the other gamer girls, its a competition all the time, in games or in real life, who’s the best, who’s the prettiest, who’s the coolest, who’s the realest. Even though we mostly have each others back, some doesn’t accept the fact that they are not better than most boys, and need to be boosted to feel better or feel cooler and I can’t stand it. It’s kind of a running gag in the community that all good girls are boosted but it will depend on the game. Its hard to be boosted in WoW since nobody care what Iten lvl you are. But in league ranks decide if you are cool or not for some people. And some girls even go to the point of selling their body for a boost and it makes me sick. At least some of us are real and play because this game is amazing as hell, and my girls know who they are. #girlscrew

Third thing I hate is facing the stereotype, just because people know you are a gamer they suddenly change the way they see you. Some will say «you don’t look like a gamer» or «I would have never thought you would play game». Seriously? why? What am I suppose to look like to be a gamer to you? Because you think i’m attractive I don’t look like a gamer? Who decides that?  And the one that don’t even think that the game is for you when you go shopping. I can’t even count the number of time i’ve been ask if I was buying it for my boyfriend or brother. Some stereotypes are less harmfull for exemple people who think you play healers in warcraft because you are a girl. Oh honey, you think i can’t be violent enough to make damage 1v1 me bruh! Some thinks you main support in League,… well I do, but not all female does so my sex have nothing to do with my position preferences.

Last but not least, sexism, of course i’m not a strong feminist at heart lets even call it a feminazi that cry over a girl in sexy clothes fighting in Mortal Kombat. To be fair, I wish I could be as sexy and strong as those girls, but I do think there are not enough female role model in the industry. And I can’t wait for a world where boys and girls will be treated equally.

Passions doesn’t have genders and it should stay that way. 

Thanks again for the love and support guys Keep calm an play games it's amazing. 


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